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  • Seminole Chiropractor Dr. Colette Cseszko

Remember how you felt when you were a child? Your body was full of life and vital energy. You were healthy.

Seminole chiropractor, Dr. Colette Cseszko, has been helping Seminole residents to recapture that youthful vitality through chiropractic care for the past thirteen years.

Choosing a chiropractor is the first step on your path of natural health improvement with chiropractic.

Not every chiropractor provides the same type of services. As a chiropractor specializing in corrective care (restoring the proper alignment of the spine, not just treating symptoms), Dr. Cseszko provides Seminole patients with a variety of services in addition to chiropractic adjustments, including Acupuncture, Nutrition and Massage. By using these natural methods we have helped Seminole patients of all ages restore their health without using drugs or surgery.

Dr. Cseszko specializes in gentle chiropractic adjustments and is a chiropractor Seminole FL patients give high ratings for her gentle, as well as traditional, chiropractic techniques.

  • Chiropractic Gets to the Root of the Problem

Dr. Colette Cseszko

Patients suffer from a variety of symptoms. The chiropractor's job is to find the underlying condition which is most likely causing the symptoms. Like a detective collecting clues at the scene of a crime, we begin with a detailed examination of your health history. By using the latest chiropractic diagnostic tools available and extensive questionnaires we evaluate exactly how you arrived at your current health status. Dr Cseszko will tell you what is causing your condition, and provide you with insight in order to make the transition from feeling less well to feeling fantastic as quickly as possible.

Whether you suffer from low back pain, insomnia, lack of energy and fatigue or difficulty with weight loss, we don't wait until you get sick before addressing the core health issue. Any good chiropractor knows that maintaining vitality through prevention is key, and we will teach you how to incorporate this chiropractic principle into your life. The most cost-effective way to achieve health is to maintain it. Once you have reached your goal, we will help you stay there so you'll feel better for good! So, if you are looking for a caring, holistic chiropractor in Seminole, FL, search no further.

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