At Gentle Touch Chiropractic and Wellness Center we use Acupuncture to correct imbalances relating to the body’s internal health.

Acupuncture has a long history, extending back to ancient China. It is estimated that the science is around 5,000 to 7,000 years old. The Chinese health practitioners knew that there existed a system of energy pathways that traveled around the body. This system includes over 1,000 “Acupoints” which are part of 12 main energy networks known in Chinese medicine as “Meridians.”

Each Meridian corresponds to a given organ system such as the circulatory, digestive, genitourinary, reproductive systems and all other systems of the body. When this vital energy becomes blocked or weakened, the result is a break down of health.

What is Meant by Balancing the Meridians?

When considering balance, imagine if we were to compare a 175 pound man on one end of a seesaw and a 45 pound child on the other end, some would assume that the seesaw would be “broken” due to the fact that the heavier person would be sitting on the ground, while the lighter child would be dangling in mid-air. Even though the seesaw is producing a symptom of being broken, an extensive examination of the seesaw would reveal that it was perfectly intact. The obvious answer is in the balance. Correction of the balance corrects the problem.

The energy flow within the human body courses over 12 meridians or channels that are normally well balanced. Treatment of one or more key “Acupoints” on the body is done to restore balance to the affected internal organ system. Historians estimate that more patients have received benefit from Acupuncture in the past five thousand years than all other health care practices, both past and present.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

The average human body is composed of 75% water. And, water is polar, that means it carries an electric charge, either positive or negative. When tiny metal needles are inserted just beneath the surface of the skin at specific Acupoints, the energy current travels along the body towards the needle. This occurs because the metal needle acts as a conductor of electricity. When the needle is placed in the specific Acupoint corresponding to the organ system that is being affected it redirects the vital electrical energy of the body to the organ that needs it the most.

The result is much like a “jump-start” on a dead battery left in your automobile. The internal organ system which requires a boost of vital energy is now able to receive this energy using your body’s own reserves (naturally occurring chemicals released in the body). In this way, Acupuncture treatments produce results without exposing the body to the dangerous side effects from prescription drugs or other more invasive medical procedures.


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