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Can a Chiropractor Help With Arthritis Pain?

You may be one of the over forty million patients who have arthritis in the United States and want to know if a chiropractor can relive your arthritic pain. The answer to your question, in short, is yes; chiropractors can substantially reduce pain and discomfort from arthritis. There could be no better endorsement for this than the Arthritis Foundation’s recommendation of chiropractors to alleviate pain caused by the disease.

Treatment for Arthritis Through a Chiropractor Works.

Arthritis pain can be dramatically reduced with chiropractic treatment as nearly all forms of arthritis respond to the use of some chiropractic technique. Two varieties of arthritis that have been proved to respond well to chiropractic treatment are ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis that leads to a fused vertebrae) and tendonitis (inflammation of tendons).  With these two sorts of arthritis chiropractic treatment leads to relief of pain and other symptoms and improvement of chest expansion and spinal elasticity. Quality of life is better due to the improved range of movement. In some instances, people who were dependant on others to do things like picking up something they dropped or reaching for something in a cabinet have less depression over their circumstances.

How do Chiropractors Treat Arthritis?

A chiropractor can aid with arthritis in the spine and tendons of the neck. Chiropractic guidance of the spine along with massage has been shown to decrease stress on the joints and bring distinct release from arthritic pain. If a patient loses weight and includes stretching and low impact exercise the impact can be even more apparent. Some sorts of training a chiropractor might recommend in combination with treatment are swimming and walking.

Arthritic pain produced by degenerative discs is also reduced through chiropractic methods. With degenerative discs swelling causes misalignment of the spine and puts force on nerves. Through mild adjustments, arthritic soreness can be diminished due to decreased pressure on the nerve. The therapy also significantly increases the range of motion the person with arthritis can execute.

Neck pain can also benefit from an adjustment and massage from a chiropractor. The neck is a region of the body where arthritic pain is more intense; chiropractic treatment of the neck can bring a large amount of relief that which will allow a patient to sleep at night; when they could not before treatment. Just as with arthritis in the middle and lower spine, a chiropractor will recommend a group of exercises and stretches that will aid in strengthening the neck and increase its range of motion.

Chiropractic Treatment of Arthritis Can Reduce Dependence on Medication.

Recently opioid addiction has reached epidemic levels, and drugs touted to be non-addictive such as Tramadol are habit forming. Treatment of arthritis reduces pain and therefore reduces the dependence on habit-forming medications.  Following chiropractor prescribed exercise and stretching will help to prevent suffering from returning and further reduce reliance on opioids and other prescription medications.

Chiropractic Treatment of Arthritis May Keep You From Having Surgery.

A sufferer may have seen several doctors and a surgeon in search of treatment for arthritic pain. The advice given by the doctor may include surgery. Surgical procedure for herniated or degenerative discs frequently involves installation of hooks, screws, and plates which the patient will feel for the rest of their life. Surgical implants to correct spinal misalignment may be needed in drastic situations but is often overused to treat patients who could have their problem fixed by chiropractic means. It is reasonable that one solicits a chiropractor’s recommendation for therapy before resorting to surgery. Many times the pain of the person who had been dealing with arthritis is so significantly reduced that the need for surgery is no longer necessary.

The decrease of arthritic pain by chiropractic treatment and the increase in mobility can improve a patients mental state. Increased self-confidence in their ability to accomplish ordinary tasks due to less discomfort and an expanded range of motion helps to lessen depression. Chiropractic treatment of arthritis can give a sufferer their life back.

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