Chiropractic Care

At Gentle Touch Chiropractic & Wellness Center our experience shows that your body responds best to gentle persuasion, rather than brisk manipulation. We are the Seminole Chiropractor to see for gentle as well as regular chiropractic adjustments. Whether you just want to maintain your health or are seeking to alleviate pain, gentle chiropractic adjustments are able to accomplish restoration of your health. Our treatments work well for both acute and chronic pain, this also applies to those suffering from joint discomfort in the extremities (arms, hands, shoulders, feet, legs, and knees). Gentle chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective. We offer the benefits of chiropractic without the risks associated with more invasive procedures. When we use the lighter force of a gentle adjustment, your body remains relaxed during the procedure.

Even better, gentle chiropractic adjustments can achieve quicker results than other methods. This means that you end up saving money and time, which is also gentle on your pocketbook!

How Does Gentle Chiropractic Work?

The skeleton is like the foundation of a building, if the concrete is poured wrong, the building will be unlevel. This means that all the structures contained in your house will sit crooked on your floor. What happens in Chiropractic is similar; if the foundation created by your skeletal frame is not in proper alignment then the organs contained inside that framework will not function properly. Gentle chiropractic adjustments work by realigning the skeletal frame. The hard spine has delicate nerves that travel in between the vertebrae of your spine. When the bones of the spine are not aligned properly, these soft nerves can get compressed, which causes interference with the nerves.

This interference prevents normal communication between the and the organs of the body and can cause abnormal function. Just think of this miscommunication as static interference and you will have a good idea of how your body will have difficulty operating under these conditions.

Gradual deterioration of your health occurs as a result of long term miscommunication (or static interference) between the brain and all the organs in your body.

Chiropractic and a Healthy Immune System

The brain regulates all the activities which occur in your body. It needs to organize the cells into tissues, then the tissues collect and form organs, and organs work together to producing systems like the immune system. All of these cells, tissues, and organs must act in harmony to keep you healthy. Just like the conductor of an orchestra, the brain is responsible for harmony in your body, and it does this by using a complex information superhighway which is your spinal cord. The spinal cord and its highly specialized network of soft nerves are protected and housed in your vertebral column.

Chiropractic gives the brain the ability to communicate normally with the body’s immune system. Medical researches now know that the immune cells actually receive messages from the nervous system and operate in partnership with the nerves to improve health. Therefore, keeping the spine healthy with gentle chiropractic adjustments should be high on your list of health priorities if you want to assist your body in preventing everything from colds to cancer, as the immune system plays an important role in fighting viruses as well as mutated cells.

When spinal bones choke or chafe nearby nerves, vital communications between your brain and your body begin to shut down. This occurs whether you actually feel pain or not, signals can become distorted or exaggerated from the resulting nerve irritation. Nerve messages traveling to and from the brain become weak and faint, and your brain loses touch with affected cells, tissues and organs.

Gentle spinal adjustments keep the nerve superhighway clear of static interference. When the foggy static of miscommunication is eliminated, your body begins to function clearly and optimal health is restored.

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