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Today we’re going to be talking about anxiety. Many of the patients that come in my office with a chief complaint of anxiety have a very specific history. They may or may not have been diagnosed with anxiety or be taking pills or medications for that condition. If the cause of the anxiety is from something physical, a chemical drug is not going to fix the problem.

One of the things you have to be aware of if you do suffer from anxiety is that it takes four years after a rear end motor vehicle accident to suffer from symptoms of anxiety. Why is that? Well first of all you have a whiplash injury or you’re sitting at a red light and get slammed in the back – your head goes forward and backward which injures your neck. So then you get a whiplash injury. If it’s never treated it takes about four years for the muscles to tighten in the upper back because the neck is no longer supporting the head, so you get these really tight muscles straight across the shoulder region and people say well that’s where I carry my tension.

One of the early symptoms of that would be when you notice people that you know think you are frustrated because you sigh a lot. So the first thing is to be like “Ah haaaaa” and the people that are around you will say “Hey, you know what’s wrong? You seem frustrated about something.” It’s not that you’re frustrated, it’s that your lungs are not working properly so you sigh because you have air hunger – you’re trying to get more oxygen into your system.

So that’s one of the things will happen. The other thing that happens to people in this condition is they’ll have a racing heart for no apparent reason and this tends to come about when they have their head in a forward sort of posture, putting more pressure on the nerves that control the heart. The heart and lungs, actually. So people will report “well, when I’m at work – I’m at rest typically then all of the sudden I’ll get fluttering in my chest like an awareness of my heart beating.” That’s not actually anxiety, that’s from a physical cause and once again if they’re taking a medication for that, that’s not something that’s going to fix the underlying cause. So if you suspect you have anxiety one of the first things you need to think about is – think four or five years back. Did I have a rear end motor vehicle accident?

If the answer is yes, then you likely have a whiplash injury which is now causing symptoms of anxiety.

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