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Charlie Horse Cramps waking you up at night?

These cramps can be very painful and can sometimes cause the toes to retract. These leg cramps can also happen during the day, and whether they occur occasionally or all the time it’s a symptom that shouldn’t be ignored.

Many people believe that these cramps occur because of dehydration or lack of potassium. Before you start eating loads of bananas consider this fact. If you had a lack of water or potassium in your body then EVERY muscle would be cramping not just the leg or foot! It would also occur in the arms or hands if you had an overall deficiency of water or minerals.

You may also be experiencing other related symptoms such as pain in the bottoms of your feet in the arches or the heels especially first thing in the morning when you get out of bed and put your feet down onto the floor. Usually the first couple steps will be very painful and then it goes away. Many people who experience this will be diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, but it is NOT a foot problem.
Many years after the Charlie Horse cramps start if the problem isn’t corrected properly more foot symptoms will begin to develop such as bunions, hammer toe, frequent clicking and popping of the ankles, or reoccurring ankle sprains or strains.

Some people will even get special foot inserts put into their shoes, arch supports, cortisone injections in the foot, Morton’ Neuroma surgery or removal of the bunions may help but the problem doesn’t completely go away and that is because it’s actually a spine problem, not an actual foot problem.

A prior tailbone injury is likely the cause of such symptoms. And Charlie Horse like cramps often happen at night when you are not even putting weight on your feet. The reason this occurs is because you are putting weight directly on the spine for several hours at a time when you are sleeping in bed putting direct pressure on the tailbone.
The tailbone or coccyx is one of the most important areas of the spine because the entire nervous system is hard wired to that region of the spine. Years after you experience your first Charlie Horse like cramp if left unaddressed you will begin to have symptoms with your bladder and sex organs. This can take years to develop but who wants to wait?

How to know if you need your tailbone adjusted.

There are a few classic indicators that your tailbone has been misaligned or injured and may need to be put back in place. If you experience any of the symptoms listed in this article then you should get it checked out by a Chiropractic Physician who is familiar with correcting tailbone misalignments.

  1. Frequent or occasional Charlie Horse cramps in legs or feet.
  2. Consistently waking up between the hours of 3am-5am to go to the bathroom.
  3. Loss of bladder control, even if it occurred once, your tailbone alignment should be checked.
  4. For men, problems with your sex organs such as a decrease in the ability to have or maintain an erection. If you get up several times per night to pee, if your urine stream isn’t as forceful as it once was, or you have to wait at the urinal before your urine stream comes out a previous tailbone injury should be suspected. Many of these men will be diagnosed with enlarged prostate or erectile dysfunction and then prescribed prescription medication to handle these issues, but truly no amount of chemicals will realign the tailbone.
  5. For women menstrual problems such as irregular or heavy periods, are you passing clots, solid bits or mucus globs during your cycle. If you’ve had difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy to full term. These women may have been diagnosed with Fibroids or endometriosis and likely they were put on Birth Control Pills to handle those issues which again will not realign a misplaced tailbone.
  6. Finally if you have a history of kidney stones, reoccurring urinary tract infections, again a tailbone injury should be suspected.

So what if you said yes to many of these points listed above. What can you do about it?

First you have to consult with a Chiropractor who is familiar with tailbone injuries. Just call and ask them if they align tailbones. This is very important because many Chiropractors don’t focus on the tailbone and can miss this area thinking that the patient is suffering from a lower back problem, but that isn’t the exact problem region. And these Chiropractors will spend much of their efforts adjusting the lower back and totally neglect the tailbone area which ultimately won’t fix your problem.
Once you find a Chiropractor who addresses tailbone issues then you can begin to handle the root cause of your symptoms. The Chiropractor should take the time necessary to find out exactly what happened that misaligned the tailbone to begin with, this is critical because if you don’t know when it happened, you won’t know how long it’s been misaligned. Longer term misalignments may take longer to fix depending on how long it’s been that way. The Chiropractor should take an x-Ray of your lower spine, this is typically a “zoom in, close up” picture of your tailbone. With this imaging it can be determined how severe the misalignment is and what the best approach is to fixing it.

If you would like more information, our staff is available to help. Give us a call at 727-235-3265 and we will get you in as quickly as possible.

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