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Chiropractic for Golfers

Golfing is a sport that is particularly hard on the back, especially your spine. You are out on the course for several hours a day swinging your golf clubs. This form of exercise is hard on your spine and back. This is why people who are heavily involved in this sport sometimes take advantage of a chiropractor. Chiropractors specifically work on the back and spinal region with adjustments and manipulation.

Golfing, can be a considerable strain on the back. Although no disease is present, some people have found that chiropractic has helped them have more mobility and improve their game. This is because when the chiropractor aligns all the vertebrae, the back can move better. There are also some chiropractic exercises that golfers can do to get themselves prepared for their game.

Basic muscle stretches, especially the hamstrings and groin areas, will help to loosen up muscles and improve flexibility.

Put your club across your shoulders and lean right and left. This will get your back muscles ready for those swings.

Get into your swing position and bend right and left. Again this will loosen up muscles.

Stretch your shoulder muscles by taking your golf club behind your back, and raising it up.

Practice swinging backwards, 10 times. This will stretch different body muscles.

Do not forget those neck muscles

Golfing can also give rise to a painful condition known as ìgolferís elbow. This is when the bone gets over-rotated. Chiropractic treatments can help with this by adjustment and manipulation.

Chiropractic can sometimes help with balance, and flexibility, as it concentrates on keeping the spine and joints healthy. This will improve your overall game, as much of golf is dependent on the good health of your spine and back.

If your back and joints are feeling stiff from those long hours on the golf course, you might want to try a little manipulation and adjustment from a chiropractor.

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