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Headaches are not normal

The only time your head should hurt is if something from outside hit it.

If you go “Ouch” and nothing from the outside hit your head, that means it must be from internal causes. There are a few things that are concerning about headaches and these are things that you should notice. If you had an injury to your head like you had a hit to the head…say a tree branch falls on it…three years later you’re going to be looking for certain changes.

If you start having problems with your vision, not when you’re looking directly at at somebody but in your peripheral vision, if you start getting floaters or really weird symptoms – not a good sign! Another thing is if you start lactating. You’ve never had a child but your breasts are leaking fluid – this could be a possible sign of a tumor. These could have a huge, huge impact on somebody’s health, so headaches should be investigated.

Why are you having headaches?
Your head shouldn’t hurt. Why is it hurting?

Unless you take the time to find out why your head hurts, you won’t be able to fix it and it could be that you’re suffering from something that is worse than you think.


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