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Importance of the Curves of the Spine

So I have my spine here…

When you look at the spine, you can see that it has curves and this is done for strength. Get the idea that if this was straight up and down, the head being up here, and you took a blunt hit to the head. Can you see how this would shatter?

So the curves are there for strength.

And then in between the segments of the spine you have these little shock absorber disk pads and so that adds to the shock absorption…and this is important. So any suspension bridge, if you think about it, is always curved and that is for strength purposes. If it’s flat, it’s not as strong. So if you’re sitting here and you are walking down stairs or you’re going over speed bumps and it’s like this…if the spine was straight up and down, you would injure yourself. So the body has these curves right here and here, and here.

So, what ends up happening in today’s society with texting and computer work and what not – let’s take a look at the average life of an American human in our society. So, first of all, we sleep on horrible beds – they are much too soft. So here you are lying down in your bed like this for hours, then you wake up and you eat your breakfast like this.. then you go in your car you’re driving around and again you’re like this. Then you sit down for eight hours and you’re working on a computer and then all throughout the day you’re texting … and you go back home you’re driving … you go back into your house and then you go back to sleep on the bed. So what is this doing for the curvatures of the spine. Well it’s not doing much good for the curvatures of the spine. In fact, it’s destroying it. So why is this a problem? This area here corresponds with the rib cage… Now the rib cage houses your heart your lungs and all your vital organs.

That’s why you have a cage around the area – to protect it. Get the idea that you’re sitting there like this… over a computer – now look what’s happening you’re mashing the nerves that exit the spine that go to the heart and lungs. That’s why there’s an increased heart disease incidence and asthma or lung related difficulties. You see those people that are in Walmart that are all hunched and hobbled and they can’t straighten up? So what’s happened is this area over a long period of time is fused so now the hole where the nerves come out are being super compressed. And if the nerves are going out to the heart or the lungs then it’s weakening the condition of the heart and lungs over time…it can no longer sustain it any more because the brain can not communicate with those heart and lungs and vital organs and so it essentially gives you this turtle in a shell effect. So basically it just hardens and hardens and hardens and then there’s no more flow of vitality from the brain or impulses through that nerve system any more.

And this is happening more and more often because more and more people are utilizing computers and technology and of course the texting aspect of life today is also contributing to that.


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