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Is Your Thyroid Normal

Today’s topic is the thyroid. I have women that come into my office that want to lose weight and they’re frustrated, because they’re going to the gym four or five times a week and they’re doing cardio, working out hard, and they’re eating like a bird and they’re not losing any weight.

In any case, that would be very frustrating.

So if that’s the case with you, you may have a thyroid condition. The thyroid is located right in the throat. There are some other indicators that your thyroid may not be functioning properly, and I’m going to go through them.

The first one is if you’re in the shower and you’re washing your hair and more than three or four strands of hair here come out at a time or you’re
finding your hair all over the floor and your husband’s telling you that you shed worse than the dog, you could have a thyroid condition that needs to be checked out.

The other thing is that the thyroid is your thermostat. So temperature fluctuations like feeling too hot or feeling too cold…that could be a thyroid dysfunction. For example, if you find yourself bringing a sweater with you to the restaurant the movies, or you keep one in your car at all times, that’s not a good indicator. We live in Florida — it’s warm — you shouldn’t be wearing a sweater.

I also have women in their thirties coming to me saying, “Hey, you know what? I have peri-menopausal symptoms and I’m sweating and having hot flashes.” This is not a peri-menopausal situation. You shouldn’t be having hot flashes at age 30. That’s not normal. That could be a thyroid condition.

When my patients say, “I’ve had my thyroid checked. I went to my medical doctor and he did a blood test and it’s normal.” Now just because you have normal thyroid results in the blood test does not mean your thyroid is functioning properly.

Some other symptoms of thyroid could be if you have clots, solid bits, mucus globs and period irregularities, that’s actually a thyroid problem.

So your thyroid controls your female organs from way up in the neck. So to find out if you have thyroid problems or how to help your thyroid work properly, give our office a call 727-235-3265.


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