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Welcome! If you have signed up for a consultation with Dr Colette, you may be wondering what to expect when you come for your first visits.

What if you could get out of pain, feel younger, live longer, look younger, have less health problems or even eliminate them? What would this be worth to you? If living pain-free, having more energy, sleeping better and feeling younger is your goal, call today to find out what can be done to get you there.

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What You Can Expect When You Meet with Dr. Colette:

Dr C and Laura in front of the buildingPlan on being at the office for one hour during your initial visit. Dr. Colette will do a detailed consultation to find out exactly WHY you are in pain and what happened to put you into this situation in the first place. Most doctors don’t spend enough time right up front to listen to the patient and hear their concerns. If you are tired of the conveyor belt approach then this is the place for you! Dr. Colette will ask key questions which will reveal why you have the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

If you have been to other doctors in the past, perhaps other Chiropractors, or maybe you’ve tried solutions on your own and these health problems are still lingering or gotten WORSE then this consultation is EXACTLY what you need to have a “break though” with your health.

Most doctors in today’s society focus on infectious disease and they tend to prescribe medicine as a solution. Dr. Colette identifies what problem came first and separates it from symptoms which may have resulted from the first problem. In this way, the focus is on what started the downward spiral in the first place.

picture of Dr Colette's officeAfter the initial consultation, you will get a free treatment. Many people are curious as to what it would be like to get a treatment from a practitioner BEFORE they decide to become a patient. In our office everyone gets to try before they make that important decision.

After the treatment you will get a report of what was found. Dr. Colette will personally explain how and why you have been dealing with problems like pain, fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, arthritis, weight issues, hormone imbalances, erectile dysfunction, etc. These are non-contagious illnesses, which can impact your life to the degree that it becomes an existence rather than a pleasure.

If natural solutions rather than drugs are your preference than this is the place you need to be. With all the harmful side effects that come from taking drugs, people are searching for a NATURAL approach. Natural methods are available and do promote vitality which leads to overall health. You will get answers that make sense and a plan of action that produces real results.

Ask yourself . . .

is it worth spending all night worrying about why you are sick? Are you losing sleep wondering what could be wrong? What could be possible if you only had more energy? What would your life be like if you took control of your body rather than it controlling you?

That is what this consultation process is all about, to show you what is going on and exactly what is possible!

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